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TOOSHAAYA - is a family brand, a partnership of mother and daughter.


Tom  - A Textile Designer, specializing in knitting.Graduated of Shenkar College of Design.


Tzameret  - (Mom) Designer and Intermodal Expressive Art Therapist.


TOOSHA - Tom's nickname.

AYA - the first "Mother Goddess" who represents, or is a personification of nature, motherhood, fertility, creation, destruction or who embodies the bounty of the Earth. 
Meaning: Mother Earth / Mather / Design, Art, Beautiful (あや, アヤ in Japanese)


We design and create Eco-friendly accessories made of natural materials with a

handmade touch.


We use only natural materials. We like the energy of them and we love to feel the way they touch.


All our designs start from the inspiration of sights, shapes, textures and colors of nature.   

The unique character of each item is achieved through special knitting techniques using fine and delicate threads, hand dyed, embroidering, weaving, and felting. 


Each item’s design integrates selection of a unique yarn (fiber) and consideration of texture to the final desired shape of the garment. 


The unique design is characterized by softness, comfort, and flattering style.


TOOSHAAYA’s motto is  Touch by Nature

Because…  we make Eco-Design



Because… all our items made of natural materials (cotton, bamboo, linen, soy, wool..)


Because… like nature, even when there are few similar items, no one is the same, each one is unique due to the design and production process, mostly handmade.


Because… our items like nature got their personality in the process of movement and time 


Because… it is our nature to touch and wrap gently


Because… when we feel comfortable, it’s easier for us to be connected to our nature and express who we are.


Thank you for your interest


Tom & Tzameret


Tel: +972-52-4816116
16, Ruchama Street

Noga District

Tel Aviv / Jaffa