cozy pullovers

Autumn Sweater

Autumn tops and pullover sweaters.
Choose your unique piece, handmade in Israel, from bamboo, soy and cotton.

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TOOSHAAYA  //   Touched by Nature   //  Ethical & Sustainable Natural Handmade Accessories & Clothing

Light Pas Bamboo Cardigan - Silver Aqua Ripples Bamboo Scarf - Silver Sea foam Beka loose cardigan with pockets in Aqua Tremilor stripes Bamboo Scarf - Turquoise & Taupe / Blue & White Tremilor stripes Bamboo Scarf - Sky blue & Of white

Aqua and Sky blue

Silky soft touch, beautiful Bamboo Cardigans, tops and scarves...

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We work with new innovative Eco-friendly, Vegan Natural materials, like Bamboo, Soy and Recycled and Organic Cotton, with unique qualities, like Thermo-control, hypoallergenic, and more...

Yarns Qualities


All our items are Handmade with love and attention. Hand knit, Handloom knit, crochet and embroidery by our talented team. We believe in giving back the respect to the Handicraft. And we believe that when an item is created with love, this energy goes with the item to the person who's using it.


We get our inspiration from Nature. Our design process include artistic research of the Organic Aesthetics. The tension between order and disorder, between stability and softness and what happen with time…

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