Charcoal Long Soy light Cardigan

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Long Charcoal light cardigan, Soft, comfortable, with the elegant nonchalant look. It's light and very warm.

The Soy - the vegan Cashmere - (combined with cotton fibers) warms pleasantly with a soft, healthy touch (excellent for people who are sensitive to the touch of wool and for vegans)

This piece is made of ultra-thin, fine organic, natural, ecological and sustainable certified Soy + Cotton threads that we exclusively import from Italy and Spain.

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Each item is unique and made individually by hand on our hand knitting looms, with crochet stitches, with lots of love and care.

Handmade   |   50% Soy 50% Cotton


Additionl lengths : Orta - shortLong - mediumGin Long - Long

* Please note that in some cases colors can be slightly different than they appear in the photos. 

(Because of differences screen and some of the items are dyed by hand so each one has his own color shade)

* Item photos with different color are just for demonstrating more options of the model.

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