Yellow Long Cardigan

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Yellow Knitted Long Cardigan, Women Mustard jacket


This beautiful cardigan is very soft and light.
As one of the client said: "It feels like wearing air" .
It fits every body shape.
Ideal for spring / summer.
Very useful wearing over a tank top , dress (and thin sleeves).
The Bamboo Textile gives UV Protection and perfect to air conditioning.

It knitted by hand ,of ultra-thin organic Bamboo yarn (I import from Europe)
100% Bamboo

• Incredibly soft and luxuriously comfortable
• Absorbs and evaporates sweat and highly breathable
• Thermo-control- Adjusts itself to weather conditions (high breathable when warm and
and keeps you significantly warmer in the cold)
• Antibacterial ( So it doesn't get smelly even after many days :)
• Anti-fungal – (very good For sensitive or allergy prone skin)
• UV Protection and Anti-static
• Ecologic and Biodegradable

Sizes :small , medium

Additional available COLORS :

Dark Gray
Mustard yellow
Light Pink
Coral Pink
Blue Jeans
Dark Blue

* Please note that in some cases colors can be slightly different than they appear in the photos.
(Because of differences screen )

* Photos of items with different color are just for demonstrating more options of the model.

Care: Gentle hand wash separately in cold water, dry flat.

As part of the organic design, with wearing it, there may be changes in the size and shape of the garment.

Giveaway- Small cotton bag printed by hand – to use as the item “case” / “home “ ,so you can keep the item in your bag when you take it off. Protecting it from pulling by keys, zipper, etc. Washable.

All items are packed in unique gift wrap and ready to be given as a gift.

As part of the organic design may differ in size and shape of the garment and eyelets. To preserve the original qualities of the item, please follow the recommended laundry instructions and take care when wearing jewelry. Once purchased, TOOSHAAYA will not be responsible for pulled threads.

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