Bamboo, Soy & Cotton Metalo Scarf - Charcoal & Black

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This scarf is beautiful and special, it's made from a unique yarn that I designed from ultra-thin, fine organic, natural, ecological and sustainable certified yarns: Soy - the Vegan Cashmere + Cotton + Bamboo - the Vegan Silk, threads that we exclusively import from Italy and Spain.

This combo creates the best material for fall and winter. (It can be an excellent solution for people with sensitive skin or Vegans).

The contrast between the gentle shine of the bamboo, and the matte look of the Soy, creates a kind of metallic look.

It can be worn as a beautiful shawl or it can be worn as a very soft fluttering scarf.

Each item is unique and made individually by hand with lots of love and care.

(Want to know more about the special qualities of our yarns? Click on the icon below)

Handmade | 45% Cotton, 25% Soy, 30% Bamboo


Sizes: Around 70-80 cm (27"-30" in)  X 180-200 cm (70"-79" in)

Additional colors: Blue , Dark Taupe, Silver Gray. Charcoal & Black

* Please note that in some cases colors can be slightly different than they appear in the photos. 

As part of the organic design, with wearing it, there may be changes in the size and shape of the item.

Giveaway- Small cotton bag printed by hand - so you can keep the item in your bag when you take it off. Protect it from pulling by keys, zipper, act'. Washable.

All items are packed in unique wrap and ready to be given as a gift..

As part of the organic design the shape and size of eyelets may differ. 
To preserve the original qualities of the items, BE CAREFUL when wearing jewelry and follow the recommended Washing instructions. 


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