Dark Taupe Camel Chunky Scarf - Lungo

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This big shawl is very soft and cozy.
You can wear it in a few versions as a shawl and as a scarf.
The scarf is knitted by hand of ultra-thin fine organic natural Soya threads ( that I import from Europe)
The unique color pattern is a result of the color yarn combination

This beautiful garment made of yarn that we designed from a combination of ultra-thin, fine,Soy,Recycled Cotton and Bamboo threads.

All the connections are crochet, knitting.
Each item is unique and made individually by hand with lots of love and care.

 Handmade   | 70% Recycled Cotton, 20% Bamboo , 10% Soy


 This model available COLORS: Black ,Charcoal , Toupe- Gray, Natural - Nude

* Please note that in some cases colors can be slightly different than they appear in the photos. 

* Item photos with different color are just for demonstrating more options of the model.

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